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How to Perform Different Tasks Using MS Excel

MS Excel is one of the most used software in the MS office package. The software is mainly used for performing arithmetic calculations data entry and saving of files. The software has been used over the years because it accommodates different types of data making operations easy by the user. In most cases, the information is filled in the spreadsheets, and you can use different scientific formulas to do calculations. Many people have used this software, and they can import data on the cells and use it to their benefit. Check out http://excelerator.solutions/ to get started.


Excel has a data connection wizard which facilitates importing and exporting of data. For you to use the functions of importing or exporting files the excel SQL query must be performed. This is a command that allows you to access different files which are saved on the computer and you can manipulate them in getting the desired results. You can learn the three ways to perform an Excel SQL query. With the training in your fingertips, you will be accessing all files and use them for your benefits.


The first way of accessing the SQL files is performing the export SQL table to excel spreadsheet. It is the easiest of all plans. What you do is open a new spreadsheet in the workbook. Click on the open new file or existing file. You will type the name of the SQL file that is already saved on your computer. Click on import then Okay. The file will open in your spreadsheet thus bringing all the figures and data which are contained. From there one, you can proceed with other data operations. For more info, visit http://excelerator.solutions/.


The other way is using the Import JSON to Excel. It is a method which is used to populate data table from JSON String in Excel. The file which is on your computer is accessed and opened in the spreadsheet without any changes. The data is pasted on data cells making it easy for you to start working with. Click here to learn more on how the importing is performed.


The last plan on importing data to work with excel is when you Create a drop-down in Excel. Excel offers you the option to create a drop-down box which comes in a table form. The Creating a Dependent Dropdown in Excel is easy because you simply name the dependable in your data. The table is then dropped on your workbook with all information that is necessary.


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